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    You may have a short time to take action about your legal or immigration issue. If you need help urgently, you should call or visit our office - do not submit this form.
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    Depending on your issue, fact sheets, information kits and other information resources currently remain available on our merged organisation's websites as per below:
    We provide legal help to the Western Australian community.
    In particular we help:
    • Employees
    • Tenants, boarders, lodgers or people living in a long stay caravan park
    • People newly arrived in Australia and from a cultural and linguistically diverse (CaLD) background
    • People who have experienced family violence or human trafficking
    We may be unable to help if:
    • You are already receiving assistance from a lawyer with this issue
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    • Demand for our service exceeds its capacity
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    If it is not safe for you if we make contact on this number, please do not complete this Enquiry. Ring us on xxxx xxxx or visit our office Monday - Thursday, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm: Level 1, 445 Hay Street Perth

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    Generally union members can get help from their union if they have a problem at work. If you are a union member please contact your union for help before contacting Circle Green Community Legal.

    Circle Green Community Legal is unable to assist with workers’ compensation. Please contact WorkCover WA for information or the Law Society of Western Australia for a referral to a private solicitor.

    Circle Green Community Legal is unable to assist with tax or superannuation. Please contact the Australian Tax Office.

    Please note: if you have lost your job, you could have as little as 21 days to lodge a dismissal claim.

    Please note: if you have lost your job you could have as little as 21 days to lodge a dismissal claim. 

    This is not your real estate agent or property manager. You can find the name of the landlord(s) on your lease agreement, bond lodgement receipt or court summons. (If you do not have these documents, you can contact the real estate agent and request the name of your landlord(s).)

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    What is your income?

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