Mining Industry Respect Infoline – 1800 929 250

If you work in the mining industry or on a mine site in WA and You have been targeted by sexual harassment, call our Infoline for information, support and referrals.

We can also provide information on sex-based harassment and sexual discrimination.

We can also assist persons who have witnessed, or heard about this type of behaviour.

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How we help

Legal Advice

One-off appointment to discuss your issue and equip you with the knowledge and information to understand your legal rights and provide options to resolve your issue.

Further Assistance

Assistance with legal documents or processes, on-going case work and representation for eligible clients.

Community Legal Education

Legal education presentations, information sessions, seminars and professional development on a broad range of topics for community members, groups and organisations.

Information and Referrals

General information and referral to other services when we are unable to help.

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