World Day of Social Justice, observed on February 20 each year, highlights the importance of addressing issues such as poverty, inequality, and discrimination for all members of society.

Community legal centres such as Circle Green play a vital role in promoting social justice by providing legal assistance, empowerment, advocacy, and support to disadvantaged communities.

Arthur’s Story

Arthur* lived in a relocatable home on a site in a caravan park and rented the site from the park owner. He approached Circle Green for legal advice after receiving a notice of termination from a lawyer representing the caravan park owner. Arthur wanted to know if he was required to move out in accordance with the notice of termination.

The notice of termination was given under the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA); a piece of legislation which governs residential tenancy agreements in WA. We advised Arthur that his agreement with the caravan park owner was not a residential tenancy agreement to which the RTA applies. Instead, it was a long stay agreement subject to the Residential Parks (Long Stay-Tenants) Act.

We advised Arthur that the caravan park owner (via their lawyer) had issued an invalid notice of termination, and Arthur did not need to move out in accordance with the notice of termination. We also wrote to the lawyer representing the caravan park and advised them of this and that Arthur would not be moving out of the property.

Arthur was satisfied and grateful for the advice and assistance because he was able to remain living at the caravan site.

Arthur’s story highlights the importance of community legal centres in providing free legal advice and advocacy to the WA community. If Arthur had not received advice from Circle Green, he probably would have moved out in accordance with the notice of termination when there was no legal requirement for him to do so.

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*Client’s name has been changed to protect and respect their confidentiality.