Circle Green's Managing Solicitor for Tenancy, Alice Pennycott, featured on ABC Radio Perth on 2 February 2022 to discuss rent bidding.


Alice told ABC’s Drive that Circle Green’s tenancy Telephone Advice Service has seen an increase in the number of clients impacted by rent bidding over the last 18 months due to a lack of housing supply.

“There’s quite a clear problem resulting in a lot of low and middle-income people being priced out of the market altogether, particularly when we’ve got such a tight market as it is”, she said.

“People are desperate to get a house, particularly people that need a house in a certain location for school or work or certain accessibility requirements for disability”.

Alice hopes there will be consideration by the government to ban rent bidding in WA. 

However, she added that any ban on the process should be coupled with significant investment in affordable housing, less invasive rental application processes and rent stabilization measures “to ensure that we’re not having rent prices that are effectively tied to the iron ore price”.

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