These fact sheets only contain general information. It is not legal advice and should not be relied on as a substitute for legal advice.

Plain English factsheet: starting a tenancy agreement
A Plain English factsheet to help you understand what’s important when you start a tenancy agreement.

Inspecting a Property Checklist
A list of things to look for when you are viewing rental properties.

Making an Application for a Rental Property
Everything you need to know about applying for a rental property.

Starting a Tenancy Checklist
Handy tips so you know what to expect.

Shared Tenancies
Understand what house sharing means for your legal rights and responsibilities.

Residential Tenancy Databases
Landlords and Property Managers use these to check your rental history.

Security Bond at the Start of a Tenancy
Information on bonds, with a handy checklist.

Property Condition Report
When you move in and out of a rental property you have to complete this report.

Plain English Factsheet: Property Condition Report
A Plain English factsheet about property condition reports, what they are and how to complete one

Rent, Fees and Other Charges
Explains all the fees you will be up for when you rent your home.